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Aug 10, 2021 | Local News

Possible Extension of East Branch Water District

EV Charging Stations

The Town of Hancock committed to adding 16 Electric Vehicle (EV) charging stations at the August 3 meeting. According to Town Supervisor Jerry Vernold, the Town Board was approached by New York Power Authority (NYPA) with a proposal to add eight charging stations next to the Town office building on 661 West Main Street. “The stations can be installed at no cost to the Town,” said Vernold. NYPA will install and maintain the charging stations. Vernold verified that the stations will require the addition of a $6 million umbrella policy which will cost the Town approximately $1,900. NYPA has agreed to cover that cost.

The Town will receive no income from the stations but will be required to keep the stations clear of snow.

Tesla also contacted the Town Board with a proposal to include eight of their own charging stations. “They are the same, but different,” said Vernold. Though the stations perform the same function they do look different in appearance.

Of the 16 stations to be installed one or two will be handicap accessible.

Town Attorney Leonard Sienko reported that NYPA and Tesla “liked the idea of having the EV charging stations next to a dog park.”

Though there may not be an urgent need for EV charging stations at this particular time “it’s not going to be that far down the road you’ll see them being used quite often,” said Board member Pat O’Brien.

East Branch Water

Bill Brown, project manager for the East Branch Water District project which began in 2019, said that all water mains and services are now installed, and the old system has been decommissioned. “This means we are using a lot less water because it’s not leaking into the ground,” said Brown. The second pump will be up and running by the end of the month and the project will be finished ahead of the grant schedule.

Brown also reported that several East Branch residents, approximately ten parcels, have requested to be put on the new system. Including the additional parcels creates a district extension which requires a public hearing and proof that the extension is in the public interest. “A district extension seems to make sense as it won’t require laying additional pipe,” said Brown. He will review all the paperwork and expects to have an official recommendation for the Board at the September meeting.

In Other Matters:

  • Only one bid was received for a new one-ton pick-up for the highway department. The $56,897.50 bid was approved for a new Chevy Silverado. According to Highway Superintendent Neil Emerich it is a “lot model.”
  • Mayor McGrath reported that the Coach bus service has been reinstated five days a week. It had been eliminated due to the pandemic. She is continuing to work to get Walgreen’s open more hours.
  • Correspondence was received from The Hancock Dog Park committee thanking the Town for its generous support.
  • The Senior Citizens group requested permission to use money allocated for bus trips to pay for the use of the Robert Nichol Nature Center as their meeting place. The request was granted.
  • Barbara McGraw is leaving the Planning Board. Her position as Secretary will be filled by Kim Scoville.
  • Town Attorney Sienko reported that Old Elk Brook Road has been officially declared abandoned. It has been more than six years since it has been worked. The practical effect of declaring it abandoned means that the adjacent property owner (Fred Aquavita) will control the land.
  • Highway Superintendent Neil Emerich reports that Bouchouxville Road has new oil and stone. The department continues to patch roads and is finishing up mowing. He also thanked the Hancock Central School Board and Bus Garage for the donation of equipment. The Town received a “like-new” tire changer, a spin balancer, a 3-phase compressor and a freon machine from the school district.

The next Board meeting will be held on Tuesday September 14.