May 17, 2022 | Arts & Entertainment, Homepage Featured

Artist and Campton’s Art Gallery owner Laura McManus’s work, pictured above, is displayed at the gazebo in the Hancock Town Square as part of the first annual Hancock Art Walk.

by Kristin Barron

The first annual Hancock Art Walk is up and running—what better time to slow down and take a leisurely walk to see and enjoy the many works of art on display throughout the Village of Hancock until June 1st.

The event is sponsored by The Hancock Hounds Dog Park, Hancock Partners, The Campton’s Art Gallery, James Serio Real Estate and Keller Williams Reality with support from The Hancock Area Chamber of Commerce and The Hancock Herald.

The Hancock Art Walk launched on Friday, May 6th during Mother’s Day festivities and served to celebrate “Mothers in all forms,” says Richard Lowe, who wears many hats around the village including Design Director of the Hancock Hounds Dog Park, Vice-President of the Hancock Chamber of Commerce, and Economic and Community Coordinator for the Hancock Partners, Inc.

This past Thursday, May 12, members of the Keller Williams Reality Red Day team at Jim Serio Real Estate helped install a series of artworks entitled “Natural Beauty” which focuses on local flora, fauna, and fish. The installation coincides with the Upper Delaware Scenic Byway’s Festival of the Founding Fish, which celebrates the history of the shad in the Delaware River, to be held May 20 through 23.

The Hancock Art Walk begins near the entrance of the Upper Delaware Scenic Byway, at the Campton’s Art Gallery located at 169 East Front Street and features a custom art piece by local artist and gallery owner, Laura McManus. McManus’s work is also displayed on the pavilion in the Town Square. The walk will continue around the Town Square to Wheeler Street and then continues west along Main Street until reaching the Hancock Town Hall and Hancock Hounds Dog Park at 661 West Main Street. Works will be displayed in shop windows and other prominent locations all along the way.

The 2022 Hancock Arts Walk intends to serve as an attraction for travelers, residents, and passersby on the highway. The event’s location will encourage people to get out and appreciate what the town has to offer, and how the town aims to incorporate arts and culture into local events, said Lowe.

The first Hancock Art Walk will be held until June 1st. The 0.9-mile walk takes about 18 minutes to complete. The walk, sponsored by the Hancock Hounds Dog Park, The Campton’s, James Serio Real Estate, and Keller Williams Realty, opened May 6th. Pictured above members of Keller Williams Red Day team and others help to install artworks at the Hancock Hounds Dog Park. From left, in front, Laura McManus, Mariah Gillow, Jim Siero, and JoAnn Bruford. Richard Lowe at top. Contributed photo.

Members of the Keller Williams Reality Red Shirt Team are pictured at the Hancock Hound’s Dog Park. From left, Mariah Gillow, Cathy VanMater, Jim Serio, Rosie Hubbs, Amanda Paduch, and JoAnn Bruford. Contributed photo.

Members of the Keller Williams Realty Red Shirt team, pictured above, help to mount an installation at the former Kandyland building on East Front Street. From left, Rosie Hubbs, Mariah Gillow, JoAnn Bruford, Richard Lowe, and Amanda Paduch.